Circuit de Dijon-Prenois (2018)

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Circuit de Dijon-Prenois (2018)
  • 3,801km Length
  • 1.36.229 Cédric Bollen - #277 Allure Team
  • Website

Remember the René Arnoux battle with Gilles Villeneuve? Relive or live yours with the VW Fun Cup. The circuit hosted five French Formula 1 Grand Prix and a Swiss Grand Prix in 1982 (the last one organized). In 1979, Jean-Pierre Jabouille (Renault) made the history of Formula 1 by winning his first Grand Prix, but especially by making triumph for the first time a single-seater turbocharged engine. On the spot, its success is however largely overshadowed by the duel of anthology that were engaged in the last laps for the gain of the second place Gilles Villeneuve (Ferrari) and René Arnoux (Renault).

Circuit de Dijon-Prenois (2018)


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