VW Fun Cup 2019

A new milestone...

After a thrilling and unpredictable season in 2018, Milo Racing conquered its first title in the European VW Fun Cup. Christophe Nivarlet’s team will start off the new season as reigning champions, although they need to watch out for Allure Team, the multiple champion making its return to the competition organized by Kronos Events.

The other protagonists will be Comtoyou Racing, JAC Motors, 8KS Corse Team, DRM Motorsport and many others. From 2019 on, the teams need to take into account a new rule established to assure the longevity of the championship on the long term. From now on, no more than one Top Gun, which are the best drivers of the competition, will be allowed in the same car. That means even more battles… and fun on the track!

Carpass LRE by DRT will be defending its third crown next season and will not only need to perform on track, but also enter as many passengers as possible.

The 25 Hours VW Fun Cup

The longest race in the world with 120 cars on the starting line

The 25 Hours VW Fun Cup have become a key event amongst long-haul races and is undoubtedly the highlight of the championship. There is always an exciting competition at Francorchamps between drivers and teams dreaming of adding their names to the winners' list.

And the fun is not limited to the race track!

The 25 Hours is a family-friendly event that offers a laid-back and enjoyable experience for everyone. With 120 cars in the starting blocks, almost 600 drivers on the entry list, 350 passengers in the Two-seater category and 33 hours of live video, the 25 Hours are a true Belgian motor sport festival!

In addition, 15,000 spectators gather annually on site to attend the world's longest and most enjoyable race, with at least 30,000 people watching the race live via Live TV!

The longest race in the world with 120 cars on the starting line
The race tracks

A varied and balanced calendar

A new wind is blowing through the calendar of the European VW Fun Cup. The 2019 season starts in Mettet and finishes on the Dutch race track of Assen, but the competitors are presented with a varied and balanced program.

The 25 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps will remain the signboard for one of the most accessible motorsport championships in the world, were sport and fun are key words.

As usual, a new race track will be attended: the French race track of Magny-Cours will be the second race of the season, which will once again contain six different locations. Let the battle begin!

A varied and balanced calendar

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