Jac Motors 1 takes control at Zandvoort

A clear sun, summer temperatures, the proximity of the North Sea, 37 teams entered and two races ending each sprint: it was enough to make these Benelux Open Races a real success. On the Zandvoort circuit, the third round of the European VW Fun Cup saw the # 2 DRM Motorsport Autograph sign its first official victory with its Amaury Richard-Cédric Bollen-Edouard Mondron-Guillaume Mondron foursome during the first race. . A few hours later, it was the # 44 Jac Motors 1 which was offering a third success this year at the end of Race 2. The day before his birthday, Laurent Jaspers took the lead of the championship with his teammates Mathieu Detry and Michael Leenders. But before the crucial appointment of the 25 Hours VW Fun Cup (7 and 8 July), the suspense is more than ever put with small gaps between favorites!

Race 1: The Revenge of DRM Motorsport Autograph

Having seen the victory escape him after a penalty after the arrival in Dijon, the DRM Motorsport Autograph team was particularly thirsty for revenge by approaching the Benelux Open Races in Zandvoort. Impeccable during the first three-hour game, the formation led by Matthieu de Robiano has definitely opened its charts thanks to Amaury Richard, Edouard Mondron, Guillaume Mondron and Cédric Bollen. It was only twenty minutes before the finish that Cedric managed to take the measure of Michael Leenders, then leader on # 44 Jac Motors 1 he shares with Laurent Jaspers and Mathieu Detry.

"Unlike Michael, I had not yet relay and it took me a little time to find the rhythm," explained the winner. "As in Dijon, it was again a very nice fight, very sporting. When I was finally able to find the opening, I was lucky because a competitor who was taking a ride found himself sandwiched between us. I was able to dig a small gap that Michael could not fill. "

Two other crews could clearly claim the victory: # 280 Socardenne by Milo (Kevin Balthazar-Kevin Caprasse-Lorenzo Donniacuo), finally on the small step of the podium, and the # 285 8Ks Corse Warner Experience of Claudio Cappelli and Sean McInerney ). Unfortunately for the Italian and the British, a puncture for the finish made them dive into 8th place.

The Top 5 of this first confrontation was therefore completed by # 65 Leader Racing (Sébastien Kluyskens-Gilles Debrus) and # 269 Scott - Pharmarome (Jean-Jacques Smits-Gilles Smits-Johan Huygens-Pieter Verlinde).

Eleven cars finished in the same lap as the leader with # 888 AC Motorsport 1 (Stéphane Perrin-Martin Leburton-Simon Tourneur), the # 406 8Ks Corsica Warner Experience (Andrea Portatadino-Federico Sordini), the # 285 8Ks Corsica Warner Experience (Claudio Cappelli-Sean McInerney), the # 500 Pyrat by Milo (Pierre-Yves Rosoux-Arnaud Tsamer-Pierre-Andre Guillaume-Steve Dams), the # 417 Racing SP by Jac Motors (Pascal Raes-Sebastien Incardona) and the # 299 DRM Motorsport (Sébastien de la Serna-Matthieu de Robiano).

Race 2: Jac Motors celebrates Laurent Jaspers birthday

Winner of the two races in Dijon, the Jac Motors formation again imposed its # 44 during the second confrontation in the dunes of Zandvoort. While celebrating his birthday on Monday, Laurent Jaspers has offered - with the help of Mathieu Detry and Michael Leenders - the most beautiful gift with this third success in 2018 ... and the leading position in the championship before the grand rendezvous of the 25 Hours VW Fun Cup!

Once again, however, this victory was dearly won, especially because of a flash passage by the pit lane (to repair a bodywork element) that had plunged # 44 to 11th place. Back in the lead at the start of the last hour, Mathieu Detry then had to resist a Kevin Caprasse very urgent. At the wheel of # 280 Socardenne, the Liegeois and his teammates Kevin Balthazar and Lorenzo Donniacuo had to settle for second place, but they climbed on their second podium of the day.

"Kevin showed himself on all sides in my retros and this relay seemed to last an eternity," smiled Mathieu Detry. "He's really a driver that's hard to keep behind. But this victory, despite one more stop, is really a beautiful consecration and a nice gift for Laurent. "

Among the favorites, the race facts were not lacking, especially with the gearbox problems of the # 2 DRM Motorsport Autograph (Bollen-Mondron-Mondron-Richard) from the first hour and a hub problem that forced the # 888 AC Motorsport (Perrin-Leburton-Tourneur) to start from the pit lane.

Author of an exemplary race, the quartet composed of Johan Huygens, Pieter Verlinde, Jean-Jacques Smits and his son Gilles did not ask so much to afford his first podium of the season, only fifteen seconds of the winners and after a nice fight with the # 285 8Ks Corse Warner Experience of Claudio Cappelli and Sean McInerney.

Returning from last position, # 888 AC Motorsport Martin Leburton, Stéphane Perrin and Simon Tourneur returned to the Top 5, which allows him to retain the 2nd place provisional championship. To do this, the trio took the measure of # 417 SP Racing by Jac Motors (Pascal Raes-Sebastien Incardona), # 290 Comtoyou Racing (Stéphane Cristinelli-David Dermont), # 299 DRM Motorsport (Sébastien de Serna-Matthieu de Robiano), # 291 Comtoyou Racing (Dominique Bustin-Maxime Lieutenant-Tristan Földesi) and # 63 Leader Racing (with the British Colin Kingsnorth, Jonathan Hoad and Mark Holme).

Two seaters: Credeco by Leader and Monster by Milo are needed

Leading the championship, the # 365 Carpass LRE by DRT relied on this appointment Zandvoort to widen the gap. But a broken gearbox at the first race decided otherwise for Stéphane Lémeret, Gautier Engisch and Philippe Wintgens. There was a very interesting duel during which young Nygel Verhaeren made the difference. The former kartman and finalist of the RACB National Team's Single Wheel Rider has, with Edouard de Braekeleer, offered his first motorsport victory on # 361 Credeco by Leader. Little varnished in Dijon, Eric Jardon and Francis Plunus took the silver medal on # 342 Monster by Milo.

While the # 372 Debersaques Racing (Yves and Maxime Debersaques teaming with Charly De Munter) broke his ... gearbox lever, # 304 Sotraplant by Milo (Manuel Martin-Christian Wauthier) rode on the small step of the podium to costs of # 378 Nitro 44 by Acome Racing (Xavier Mezquita-Reiner Weisshaupt-Tim De Toledo Sommerlath-Michael Hansen) and # 330 Lisalux Racing (Stéphane Loesel-Maxime Lacrosse-Norbert Camara).

The second race started badly for the # 372 Debersaques Racing which, after its lever box, was found this time with a faulty transmission. A good time to win, # 378 Nitro 44 by Acome Racing (Xavier Mezquita-Reiner Weisshaupt-Tim De Toledo Sommerlath-Michaël Hansen) received a penalty because a driver loosened his harness before stopping full of the car, which made it slide to the 2nd rank. Any profit for # 342 Monster by Milo, the duo Plunus-Jardon taking revenge for his disqualification of Dijon in the most beautiful way. This victory also allows them to return in the wake of # 365 Carpass LRE by DRT in the championship, the trio Stéphane Lémeret, Gautier Engisch and Philippe Wintgens finishing third of this second race. The Top 5 was completed by # 361 Credeco by Leader (Nygel Verhaeren-Edouard de Braekeleer) and # 304 Sotraplant by Milo (Manuel Martin-Christian Wauthier).

After this rendezvous on the Dutch coast, it is in the Belgian Ardennes that the competitors of the European VW Fun Cup will meet from 6 to 8 July on the occasion of the unmissable 25 Hours VW Fun Cup.








image 1 - Jac Motors 1 takes control at Zandvoort image 2 - Jac Motors 1 takes control at Zandvoort
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